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Debbie Hansen


   Hansen's K9 Training Academy

Certification in K9 CPR and First Aid‚Äč

Certification in Dog Obedience Training

Certified Dog Groomer

mailto:[email protected]

(585) 347-6116 


Certification in Dog Obedience Training

Certificate Dog Grooming

[email protected]

(585) 347-6116

I want to thank all my clients who have trusted me with their pups over the years, I would never be successful without you.

My inspiration to work with pets and their owners was seeing how dogs play and communicate with each other by owning a doggy daycare. Working directly with dogs has taught me more in my career than any text book could ever teach.

When I received my Certification for Dog Obedience Training through an on line program and operating the daycare at the same time it made me realize the importance to physically work with dogs. Dog Training and Grooming is a "skilled trade." While there is a need for some text book learning, but the hands- on experience and observing the everyday issues are important. 

Working with dogs in groups, helps you see the different social hierarchy, temperaments and personalities. Situations evolve quickly in the subtle change in tail, ear and entire body language that they show while playing in groups.

At home I spend my time with my husband Joe. We have two White West Highland Terriers, Hollie and Hanna. Needless to say, they keep us busy.